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          Office:2216  Party:2317
          Marketing:2288  Production:2248
          Address: Beijing Fengtai Village one mile on the 15th
          Zip Code:100070

          Company Profile

          New Heavy Automobile Co., Ltd. Beijing Sanxing (former People's Liberation Army No. 3603 Factory) was founded in 1956, originally under the General Logistics Department, now under China Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Group.
          Beijing Automobile Co., Ltd. is a new three-Xing Ductile Iron Pipes Group, the emerging second plate Heavy construction machinery and equipment owned enterprises.
          Business Association in Beijing, Beijing Entrepreneurs Association, the Beijing Automotive Industry Association, the governing unit conversion, with Beijing municipal enterprise technological centers, with independent development, independent innovation ability.
          Fifty-three years of ups and downs, companies from small to large, from weak to strong, adhering to the "grow and learn, innovation in the development of" the core concept and embarked on a sustained and healthy development of the fast lane. Covering "emergency rescue equipment, the Defense Logistics special equipment, power engineering, petrochemical industry," and other fields, and exported to America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and other countries and regions.
          Have participated in Tiananmen Square, the National flower beds design and production tasks, in the 2009 National Day military parade 60th anniversary party logistics equipment field teams in five cars and mass demonstrations fuel pump side floats ten teams in the design and production of the "equipment Security Advanced Unit "," best organizational unit floats "" floats Design Excellence Award "honor.
          Strive to end five-second, building world-class, the largest production base for emergency rescue industry research and development, further integration of technical resources and equipment to become internationally competitive innovation emergency rescue equipment integrated innovation, alternative and innovative R & D manufacturers and system integrators solutions provider.

          Phone:010-63716231Turn Company Office:2216,Party headquarters:2317,Marketing:2288,Production:2248 E-mail:chenjing3603@163.com Address: Beijing Fengtai Village one mile on the 15th Beijing ICP NO.05060825 Zip Code:100070 Powered By 300.cn