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          Office:2216  Party:2317
          Marketing:2288  Production:2248
          Address: Beijing Fengtai Village one mile on the 15th
          Zip Code:100070

          Talent Strategy

          Talent Concept
            No talent support, there is no future business.

          Guiding ideology
            Deng Xiaoping Theory and & ldquo; Three & rdquo; as guidance, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, establishing strategic layout personnel priority development, adhere to & ldquo; growth in learning, development & rdquo in innovation; the concept of compliance with corporate the law of development and talent growth law, continue to strengthen human capacity building and accelerate workforce restructuring. According to & ldquo; shortage of qualified personnel to quickly introduce and talents continued introduction of reserve personnel focusing on the introduction & rdquo; principle, to introduce all kinds of domestic and international talent, and establish a comparative advantage in the group competition for talent as soon as possible, to ensure and promote the group & ldquo; second five & rdquo ; the full realization of development goals.



          Development Goals
            First, the total number of employees. By 2015, the company employs 80,000 people continue to be controlled (not including the increase due to human factors caused the newly acquired companies), to ensure that labor productivity and increased per capita income.
            Second, the staff structure. By 2015, the company staff to adjust to the graduate, undergraduate, junior college, college, and other, respectively, 5:20: 30: 30: 15 goals. R & D and marketing personnel (sales and purchasing personnel) of 5% -10% of the total number of enterprises, the proportion of managers control about 5%.
            Third, the per capita performance. By 2015, the Group revenues per capita, per capita profit increased by 3.5 times and 2.5 times more than in 2009, the per capita labor productivity reached 30 million. Fourth, the per capita income. Adhere to & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Genesis Group share of workers per capita income to double by 2015 to ensure that strive to exceed twice.



          Five teams

            To build & ldquo; four class & rdquo; workforce as a standard, and focus on building five personnel.

            — — investor representative ranks. To improve the corporate governance structure and the layers in place to meet investor objectives, focus on training and selection of an overall concept and strategic thinking have loyal team of directors and supervisors to maintain investor interest in the team, focusing on cultivating 30 to 50 outstanding Chairman of the Board and the Supervisory Board Chairman. Establish and improve the external directors and external supervisors information base, establish and improve the external directors (supervisors) qualification evaluation system.
            ——Management personnel. Vigorously promote the professional management talent, market-oriented, professional and international development, with an average age of three management personnel of the Group, from the current 45-year-old fell to 42 years old; bachelor degree or above accounted for the proportion of the number of layers of managers, rise from the current 64% to 85%; the proportion of hiring market reached 30%; international talents quadruple.
            ——Workers party ranks. With excellent party organization responsible for human focus, innovation and training centers around a party, maintain business stability and mass work of party workers, with corporate committees, the Youth League and union officials scheduled general, democratically elected rate of 85% above, the compound of party workers reached over 80%.
            ——Science and technology personnel. Leading scientists to focus on creating a technological and industrial development can stand on the forefront of scientific and technological progress to accelerate business and enhance their core competitiveness of scientific and technological personnel, scientific and technical personnel from the current 2670 to 4000 people. Professional and technical personnel with senior professional titles in the ratio of the number from the current 39% to 50%, the proportion of college and higher education from the current 31.7% to 65%.


            ——Highly skilled personnel. Highly skilled personnel to focus on the construction of a wide range, dedication, superb skills of personnel. Senior workers, technicians and senior technicians account for the proportion of skilled personnel, from the current 22.8% to 35%.


          Phone:010-63716231Turn Company Office:2216,Party headquarters:2317,Marketing:2288,Production:2248 E-mail:chenjing3603@163.com Address: Beijing Fengtai Village one mile on the 15th Beijing ICP NO.05060825 Zip Code:100070 Powered By 300.cn