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          Office:2216  Party:2317
          Marketing:2288  Production:2248
          Address: Beijing Fengtai Village one mile on the 15th
          Zip Code:100070

          Technology Center - Introduction

            Sanko Beijing Automotive Technology Center is recognized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industrial Development in 2007, Beijing Enterprise Technology Center. Responsible for company-wide technology development, product research and development, tooling design, and research management. After 2010 the adjustment and enrichment, the establishment of a emergency rescue industry technical information for the pilot to product development and emergency rescue upgrade existing products as a leader, to develop research techniques and emergency rescue craft-focused, dedicated equipment and emergency rescue techniques applications for the protection, product simulation and accurate detection backing to research joint research as the way of & ldquo; one-stop & rdquo; mode. Thus the formation of a technology center as the core technology innovation alliances and technology incubators for the two wings, the institutes based technology innovation system.
            New Product Technology Center since 2007 reorganization, have developed more than 160 kinds, promote the use of new technologies, new materials, new technology, more than 20 items, digestion and absorption of imported equipment and technology, and development of design and manufacture of various types of nearly 30 kinds of special equipment 860 units, has applied for 43 patents. Sanko Beijing Automotive Technology Center has a strong technical strength, and guide the development direction of Chinese emergency rescue industry.

          Phone:010-63716231Turn Company Office:2216,Party headquarters:2317,Marketing:2288,Production:2248 E-mail:chenjing3603@163.com Address: Beijing Fengtai Village one mile on the 15th Beijing ICP NO.05060825 Zip Code:100070 Powered By 300.cn